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Supply chain management and service is one of CEAC’s core values. CEAC provides customers with total distribution solution and one-stop supply chain service in every section, such as help customers to shrink the procurement cycle and reduce the procurement cost.

Procurement Service

  • With more than 100 suppliers worldwide, CEAC can meet customers’ one-stop ordering requirement via multi-resource and multi-channel.
  • Implement EDI( Electronic Data Interchange) with many suppliers to ensure fast and efficient order placement.
  • Conduct a strict review of orders and materials by Part No., quantity and amount, to ensure that the yearly accuracy of purchased products is over 99%.
  • Analyze sales, inventory and orders regularly, to provide data supports for marketing team, and play an effective warning role.
  • Assit marketing team for backblog management to shorten delivery cycle, and at the same time avoid inventory risk.
  • Provide flexible shipment service for some local suppliers, they can enjoy the value-added services of shorter lead time and response speed.
  • Actively negotiate with suppliers for small batch orders, to meet customers’ requirement of small batch trial-produce.
  • Provide standardized and additional services in purchasing and shipping of controlled products.
  • Real-time lookup for supplier owned inventory can be provided to meet customer’s urgent requirement.

Customer Service

  • Provide personalized services for different customers,prepare stock in advance according to customers’ respective situation to shorten the delivery cycle.
  • Realize the electronization of contract review, to guarantee contract signed back within 48 hours. The yearly accuracy of order fulfillment is over 98%.
  • A free choice of domestic or oversea shipment based on customer's actual requirement.
  • Provide flexile customs declaration service for oversea shipment. Customs clearance can be executed at all times.
  • A quick query of inventory quantity, lot number is provided.
  • A professional price team can reply to customer's inquiry quickly.
  • Provide real-time feedback about customer orders ' shipping schedule, and a regular review with customers for open orders, to make sure customers can assess goods condition timely.
  • Send original invoices by first-class logistics companies, and provide a perfect tracking system.
  • Meet customer's small batch production requirement, and provide unpacking service for small and medium sample orders.
  • Closely follow-up Customer’s project, provide inventory support for customer's mass production.
  • Provide VMI service (Vendor Managed Inventory) for particular customers, support customers with stable and abundant supply.
  • Fulfill sample and tool requirement and support.

Logistics Service